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Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Mafia Law and Justice

Mafia Law refers to the formation process of the law by the legislature are a lot of notes of a few narrow interests of certain political orientation groups. It was then that the law in Indonesia's policy towards the achievement of all the political nuances of the law can only be admitted as a doctrine and a political decision on public policy, political nuances here, but not the narrow interests of a "political laws" the second, but it aims to balance the interests of the whole community of life and long term.

As one small example of the birth of the Labour Law No. 25 of 1997 which began on October 1, 2002 (based on No. 3 of 2000, which was designated as the 28th Perpu Act 2000), but still no place under six months UU the legislation was repealed March 25, 2003, with most states diundangkan # 13 in 2003 to replace the Labour Act No. 25 of 1997.

A mixture of the Law on employment in Indonesia can not escape the attraction between the interests of the employees' interests with the interests of traders must have business interests is supported by the designated "Politicians are rotten."

Finally was able to establish the existence of Law 13 of 2003 councils, employment is more favorable in practice between operators. Statement of the fate of others suffering agree, and everything happens for a political factor to legislators to limit.

Mafia is the justice here means that the law in practice, is in the hands of law enforcement implicitly that "law and justice" has become a product that can be exchanged.

Law and justice of the state expensive products. The principles of justice, that the magnitude of the costs, companies in a fast, light and medium term is hard to find in judicial practice. Application of state compared to determine how connected immersed in other words the "sensitive and difficult to wait."

A rule of law in Indonesia is done quickly "culture of corruption in the bureaucracy and the social stratification which is made of the rule are limited by sloganitas with rhetoric and empty words.

In fact, the law again, it is undeniable that not a direct result of the goods may be charged. It's a bit 'is, ironically, part of our community who are interested as a buyer. Here Tanpak more justice and legal certainty could be given for free only to a person or the same as he had offered to another party.

This statement is to clarify the law in this state "never" for the weak and poor. "Again, never ..." Sarcasm is the nature sarkatisme said, "Give me a good judge, a prosecutor rather a good policy with the arms straight, but I got the results that are better than the best bed ever this country."

But perhaps the police, politicians, the Agency and the personalities of our society does not have the time and space to be happy mengubris all forms of satire, in which the existence of duties and responsibilities publiknya, by reducing rejekinya satire. It was the process of legislation and implementation process that led to the stigmatization of the law and the legal mafia in Indonesia, where we try to speak in the cultural mentality seems to mengakar as a nation.

To call the mafia and the law tends eksistensinya everlasting righteousness, because the virus has become entrenched attitudes in the process of law in this state. Until about law enforcement in Indonesia can not simply dismiss the judge dismissed the fate of justice and corrupt politics, but this improvement must begin with the development of approaches to cultural development and education in our state of mind of people, and moral and ethical development based of strong national faith and devotion to God Almighty.

However, attempts to place the commander of the state law is needed is the will of the movement of the polical political attention and moral elite of the whole child, the fate of the inhabitants of this land, and other corrupt politicians membrantas pressure to take over !